Precious Babies. Anxious Families. Professional Support.

Professional care is just the beginning. Caring for preemie babies is more than treatment plans, tubes and wires. It’s caring for the entire family; creating loving, nurturing moments for babies at risk.

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Patient + Family Care believes in blending technology and state of the art medical care with a family friendly focus that is crucial to helping a baby thrive. We partner with organizations, units and frontline staff to help create the best possible outcome for every family in the NICU.  We also provide an additional layer of support directly to families by providing a parent support network which blends professional connections, education, support and peer to peer networking.


We offer unique and one-of-a-kind on line communities for high risk pregnant hospitalized moms and NICU families to reduce the stress of the hospital experience. Our community provides education, information, resources and peer to peer support networking with other families to reduce the feelings of isolation and fear.


We offer consulting services to assist hospital organizations and individual departments to improve their family support practices across the care continuum. Through audits, policy review, education and recommendations we help transform unit culture to become high quality performers in family centered care quality metrics.

Continuing Education

We offer a collaborative education program with the National Perinatal Association and The Preemie Parent Alliance which educates professionals on best practice recommendations in providing Psychosocial Support to NICU Families, as published in the Journal of Perinatology in December 2015.

Sara demonstrates a passion for families and creating a positive hospital experience in her encounters with families and staff. The quality of the experience that families have in the stressful period after the birth of a premature or sick infant can provide a supportive foundation for the family’s future. All staff nurses that care for critically ill patients benefit from the strategies that Sara emphasizes in the education she provides. Her style is warm and casual, peppered with personal stories of how the strategies have been effective. Sara is approachable and positive, making her presentations so enjoyable and beneficial.

Mara Kerr RNC, MS

Nurse Educator

After 9 years, I still remember exactly how Sara made us feel calm in the face of uncertainty and the unknown. She will always be a part of our story as she brought light to one of our darkest hours.

Amber Shaffer


Passion & Professional Expertise

As a nurse in the NICU, I quickly realized the significance of my role in determining patient outcomes. The focus of the NICU is technology and life-saving care for fragile patients. Yet these tiny babies need a deep connection with family for the best possible outcomes.

My goal is to bring change to the NICU... the kind of change that helps fragile babies thrive by supporting the needs of the entire family. My passion is improving patient outcomes by creating a family focused level of excellence to the NICU and by providing support to families on a level that works with their schedule and that is accessible without any barriers. I also want to help NICU staff have access to education that will help them feel more comfortable and confident in their abilities to care for families in crisis.

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