Change is difficult.

It takes more than the enhanced knowledge and understanding our education and practice change recommendations provide. Change requires implementation, training, and repetition.

img-ConsultingPatient + Family Care offers detailed implementation guides and educational opportunities to help you and your staff improve specific family focused care practices, but we don’t stop there. We offer consulting services to help you every step of the way.

We work with you, encouraging positive changes to improve both patient and staff satisfaction. We help you achieve the growth you need to market your organization as a leader in family centered care.

How will your organization benefit from Patient + Family Care consulting?

We provide:

  • Strategies and implementation tactics specific to your organization
  • Unbiased evaluation of your current practice and behaviors
  • Review of your objectives for change
  • Immediate expertise and focused attention to the process
  • Specialized and targeted support during implementation
  • Policy and procedure review & comparison with other market leaders
  • Customized staff education programs
  • Customized patient and family education programs

We offer customized consulting packages designed to fit your needs.

Would you like expert guidance every step of the way?

Contact Patient + Family Care to learn what our experienced consulting team can do for you.

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