For Professionals

Patient + Family Care provides organizations, individual units and frontline caregivers with the tools needed to revolutionize care in the NICU.

img-GetStartedChanges in healthcare standards and current healthcare reform make it essential for organizations to conform to a national model of quality and safety while maintaining a high level of customer service. Patient focused care is the solution to the problem of changing standards.

Caring for Organizations

For organizations, Patient + Family Care offers the opportunity to:

  • Decrease lengths of hospital stay
  • Improve parent-infant attachments
  • Enhance parent-infant bonding
  • Improve well-being of premature infants
  • Improve mental health outcomes
  • Improve allocation of resources
  • Decrease risk of lawsuits
  • Increase patient satisfaction scores
  • Access to educational trainings for staff
  • Access to a network of professionals for assistance and support during the certification journey
  • Access personalized support in policy development/revisions
  • Elevate level of quality

Caring for Staff

Organizational benefits are just one part of the equation. Quality patient care begins with the staff of each unit.

Patient + Family Care ensures staff have the support and training needed to properly serve the entire family. For NICU staff, Patient + Family Care offers the opportunity to:

  • Increase confidence in the ability to care for an entire family
  • Increase ease in communicating with patients and families
  • Understand the importance of family presence and family participation
  • Increase confidence in working with families in crisis
  • Understand the importance of working in tandem with family members
  • Increase the desire to maintain family presence at all times
  • Increase awareness of satisfaction scores and how staff can play a vital role in increasing those scores
  • Obtain ongoing education and support from a network of other professionals

Caring for Families

Families surrounding and supporting a baby in the NICU are often at risk, dealing with the increased stress and trauma of a fragile baby. Often these families feel they are observing rather than participating in the care of their precious child.

Patient focused care aids provides a pathway for engagement, encouragement and support of families at risk.

For patients and families, Patient+Family Care offers the opportunity to:

  • Understand the importance of parent-infant attachment and bonding
  • Become part of a community of other families experiencing the NICU journey
  • Have emotional, physical and spiritual support during the entire hospitalization
  • Access support group services and family activities
  • Participate in engaging milestone tracking (celebrate “baby steps”)
  • Actively have a voice in family centered care committees
  • Feel empowered as an equal player of the care team
  • Advocate for their child and their family

Patient + Family Care support and education improves outcomes for all stakeholders in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Families are supported, babies are given the best possible opportunity to thrive, and staff is provided with the education and support they need as they provide the highest quality care.

Is your organization ready to become a recognized leader in providing family centered and patient focused care on every level of an infant’s hospitalization?

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